The Oliverwho Factory: Darryl and LaShone Caliman began making music together as a hobby. The website provided a platform for the duo to display their creative collaborations. One of the guys from a UK based distribution company took note of their funky, old school, authentic and obscure sound. Things began to grow slowly, but surely.

"All we ever wanted to do is make music to move the soul, states Darryl." And yes they have.  From releases on their own Madd Chaise label, to collabs on Planet E, Osgut Ton, Couldn't Care More, Rush Hour, Dolly and many more. "We are just scratching the surface, there is so much more in store!  You will see more artists being released on our Madd Chaise International label."


Oliverwho Factory in What People Say

"The elegantly grooving ‘My Life’ and the (not only because of the title) Drexciya-reminiscent ‘Under Water’ end this highly recommendable EP on a high note."